Laura Humpf, LMFT, C-IAYT

Seed Yoga Therapy’s mission:
To provide a transformative space where people and communities can move toward healing personal, intrapersonal, interpersonal, historical, and systemic wounding through connection and resilience.

We envision a world where all beings are free and whole. 

Community, compassion, social justice, dignity, interdependence and transformation

Gratitude for my teachers:
With a deep bow I honor my teacher, Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, who shows me the mirror and the path to freedom every day.
Immense gratitude to Leticia Nieto, Molly Lannon Kenny, Stephanie SissonRev. angel Kyodo williams and Richard Miller who deepen my love and knowledge of yoga, interdependence and healing.
I humbly, gratefully and lovingly walk in your footsteps.

Laura Humpf is passionate about supporting folks heal the effects of individual, collective, intergenerational and systemic trauma as well as cultivating and nourishing resilience.

She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in working with folks living with a wide range of challenges including depression, grief, racism, shame, sexism, and the struggle to love the body they live in. As a certified Yoga Therapist she utilizes body-based approaches to healing, which can decrease pain, emotional and physical, and trauma symptoms (i.e. insomnia, panic, dissociation, etc.) while increasing acceptance, courage and the capacity to meet life with compassion and choice.

Laura, a white, cisgender, straight, able-bodied, middle class womxn, works from trauma-informed, consent-based and anti-oppression approaches and is committed to clients experiencing agency, empowerment and freedom. 

Laura, born and raised outside of Chicago (on Miama, Peoria and Potawatomi land) and calling the Duwamish land of Seattle home since 2004, turned to yoga in 2002 after struggling with burn out and insomnia and started teaching in 2004. She has been a mental health therapist and yoga therapist since 2007, and opened Rainier Beach Yoga, a studio focusing on resilience and social and racial justice, in 2014.

This work fills Laura up, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share it with others. She is a daily meditator, animal lover, voracious reader and hiker. She looks forward to working with you.