Rainier Beach Yoga is coming in 2014!

Rainier Beach Yoga is coming in 2014!

Dear Yoga community,

Wow! We have been overwhelmed with the amount of generosity we have received this past month. Valentine’s Day started our crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to build a yoga studio at our home in Rainier Beach. We have raised over $5500 and we still have 2 weeks to go! We have also received generous contributions to help create some exciting perks (a trip to Portland, voice or guitar lessons, business coaching, couples massage class, Shamanic healing session, and so much more).

Go to our Indiegogo Site to learn more about how you can help bring yoga to Rainier Beach, and snag up a great perk at the same time!

Amidst this crowdfunding effort, I have been reflecting on both giving and receiving, as well as ideas of asteya (non-stealing) and aparigraha (non-grasping). In some ways, these ideas are two sides of the same coin (not taking and not holding on), and it can be hugely beneficial to look at them as partners.

I will tell you from personal experience that running a crowdfunding campaign is uncomfortable! There are moments when I contemplate, “Is it right to be asking for money?” or “Shouldn’t I just do this on my own?” In essence, this wondering has to do with the question of whether I am taking more than I am offering (an unfair exchange or stealing). In this process, I’ve been constantly reminded by colleagues, friends and family that what I am asking for, I am also returning to the community that is supporting me. With the money earned I will be building something for the community. Yes, I will absolutely benefit from this campaign and so will many others.

As members of the Satmato community you might also wonder about the future as we think about this big move.

What will happen if we do not make our financial goal?
We are 100% committed to making this project become a reality. In April we will start looking into grants and loans to keep moving the project forward. The timeline may be pushed back slightly, but Rainier Beach Yoga WILL happen!

What will happen if we make more than our financial goal?
With any funds over $20,000 we will be starting a scholarship program to support people who would benefit from yoga therapy, but cannot afford the service.

Do you want to help?
*Contribute (even $5 is so helpful)!
*Share our Indiegogo site on your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts!
*Tell your friends and family why you are passionate about bringing yoga to Rainier Beach!
*Like us on Facebook and Twitter in order to receive updates about progress!
*Forward this newsletter to friends and family!

Questions? Email laura@satmato.com or call Satmato Yoga Therapy at (206) 478-5357.

Ready to give and receive? You can send checks to:
Satmato Yoga Therapy
600 1st Ave. Ste. 214A
Seattle, WA 98104

Or go to our Indiegogo Site to make an easy on-line contribution. The campaign ends March 31!

We look forward to fostering community with you.

In deep gratitude,
Laura Humpf and Satmato Yoga Therapy