30 Day Meditation Challenge

30 Day Meditation Challenge.

Dear Yoga Community,

It is that time again! Do you want to meditate but find it challenging to commit to a daily practice? Do you meditate already but long for a community? Are you curious about meditation but not sure it is even possible? This challenge is for you!

I have offered several 30 day challenges in the last couple of years, and the main reason why I offer them is because a 30 day challenge is what kickstarted my daily meditation practice over 3 years ago, and I have been going strong ever since!

Here is what some previous 30 day challengers have said:
“Planning, quiet, impatient, happy, leg falling asleep, aware, distracted, back to breath, counting, not counting , back to breath again and again. : ) No matter what comes up or how it is, I am always glad when I sit!”

“I took 3 days off due to a nasty cold, and it was tough to come back, only in part because I still can’t breath through my nose. I realized that after the first few days I was using being sick as an excuse, so it was really helpful to have this commitment as motivation!”

“My long work days, 10 hours for 3 days in a row, affected my meditation and if I don’t do them in the morning I am too tired to sit for my normal time. But I sat for 5 minutes on those days. By lowering the expectations I can stay committed. I also want to say because of this group I experience this less as a challenge and more of a support.”

And a couple haikus:
Challenge is the time
And when I find it I am
Completely at peace

Beauty is the calm
Patience is resurrected
I am my best self

Do you want to give it a try? Here are some helpful tools:
1. Start small. If you are new to meditation do 10 minutes/day.

2. Pick a type of meditation and try it for 30 days. It can be a powerful practice to pick one thing rather than jumping around to different styles. Not sure what type of meditation to do? Go here for some guided meditations by yours truly. If you like being guided you can do the same one for 30 days!

3. Choose a time you would like to meditate everyday. This does not mean it will happen every day, but setting up a structure can help us achieve our goals with more ease.

4. If you miss a day, start again! Missing a day does not mean you failed. It means you missed a day, and you can recommit to the practice.

I am also thrilled to be adding more meditation into my retreats. This September on Whidbey Island we will spend 24 hours in silence. This retreat, called Coming hOMe to Yourself, will be a yoga and meditation retreat based on the Ajna Chakra (the third eye), and will be focusing on cultivating our intuition and wisdom. Early bird pricing is happening now, and this could be a great way to celebrate the start, re-committment or deepening of your meditation practice. Also stay tuned for a meditation on the third eye chakra.

If you are ready to sign up for the challenge email me. We have a Facebook group to stay connected through the month, and we will end with a group sit in person. I am also running a 6-week Lovingkindness Series starting Tuesday, June 17 (yup, that is tomorrow!) from 12-1 in Pioneer Square if you want more in person structure and guidance.

I look forward to seeing you in a workshop, series, or private session soon!

Laura Humpf and Satmato Yoga Therapy