You Only Get to Be a New Teacher Once!

You only get to be a new teacher once!

Dear Yoga Community,

I began teaching yoga in January, 2005 and I remember feeling simultaneously terrified, excited, and anxious, not knowing exactly what I was doing. I was a ball of nerves, and I could not wait to keep teaching!

My first teacher training was a weekend workshop (a total of only 16 hours!) at a Tacoma YMCA. I started teaching right after. I had no support. I had no one to go to with questions. I got no feedback from students. I was flailing. I had no community. I almost immedietely started looking for more training and more support. At the same time that I was flailing I was also having a ball! I remember everytime I learned about something I had no experience with (i.e. plantar faschiatis, bursitis, C-section, lymphedema, etc.) I went to research and learn as much as I could. I was a sponge for knowledge, and I loved learning about ways I could help people. It was thrilling and exhausting to constantly be in a state of beginner’s mind. Now when I am with new teachers I encourage them to remember that you only get to be a new teacher once! It is a precious and tender time.

After much more training and finding community, I was offered the opportunity to support new teachers. I knew what it was like to be a teacher who taught at 6am or 7:30pm when there are no other teachers around. I knew how isolating being a new yoga teacher could feel like. I also knew what it was like to struggle financially and to wonder if I could make it doing this work. I was excited to be able to hold the hands of new teachers and offer them support that I did not receive.

I am now starting to offer this to teachers again! My business coach and friend, Maggie Karshner, and I are teaming up to offer support, feedback, love, encouragement and community for new teachers! The program is a series of 10 monthly 3 hour workshops covering issues that come up in class, enhancing your teaching, and business issues that arise on this path (i.e. how do you market yourself, how do you get your first teaching gig, how do you make a budget, etc.). If you are a new teacher, and you want more support as you step onto this incredible path I invite you to join us! Our first time together is Saturday, September 27.

We are also offering this at an incredible price since it is the pilot program. Interested? Ready to register? Go here. We can’t wait to see you!

Laura Humpf and Satmato Yoga Therapy