Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Seed Yoga Therapy

Photo from Unsplash

What a journey these last 10 years have been! Going into private practice was never something I was particularly interested in, but it has been one of the biggest gifts. The twists and turns of the last 10 years have been at times intense, at times incredible and never predictable! 

I started my private practice in a tiny room in Pioneer Square the same year we bought our home. When we looked at the home, there was an out building in a bad state. I thought, “that could be a yoga studio one day.”

I continued to teach classes on anxiety, trauma, depression and relationship with food, and after a few years my partner and I started to build a studio at our home. Moving my practice from Pioneer Square to my home in Rainier Beach felt like a dream come true.

When my practice moved, Rainier Beach Yoga (RBY) was born. Like going into private practice, I never thought I would run a studio. RBY challenged me in intense and heart expanding ways, and brought me to understand and investigate my own privilege and internalized oppression. 

After several years of searching for a teacher she found me. My beloved teacher, Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan (Amma as I call her) lovingly showed me all the ways I was living and working that were not serving me. She challenges me to show up authentically and with integrity and constant freshness. To say I am grateful to her guidance in absolutely every aspect of my life does not come anywhere near to how honored I am to be her student.

The pandemic brought new challenges and opportunities to grow in my resilience by working remotely and closing Rainier Beach Yoga. Putting all my work energy into yoga therapy inspired me and brought new enthusiasm to my work..

10 years ago today, I walked into a blue carpeted space with huge windows overlooking an alley in Pioneer Square, a little fearful, and a little excited. Today as I walk into this bright yellow studio, and look at the cedar tree out the window, I am incredibly grateful for this journey with SYT and look forward to what the next 10 years will bring.  

Thank you to every client who has trusted me to be on your journey with you, whether it was for a day or years. Thank you to every teacher who brought me to where I am. I am dust at all my teachers’ feet. Everything I am is because of you. Thank you to my partner for building me the sweetest yoga studio I could ask for. Thank you to my friends and colleagues for being there for me when I was stuck and unsure and for celebrating and encouraging me when I was rocking it. We are all in this together and this past 10 years shows me how deeply connected we all are. I would not be anywhere else than here with you.