Gaṅgā’s Grace

Gomukh, the source of the Gaṅgā

As I sit early this morning awake from jetlag I am contemplating how to put into words the last few weeks. 

I travelled to India with my teacher and sangha where we followed the beloved Ganges River (Gaṅgā Devi) from Haridwar to Her source at the glacier of Gomukh. 

We trekked 36 km from Gangotri to the glacier following the hum and power of Gaṅgā and the incredible stillness and quiet of the snow-capped mountains. 

We got to witness Gaṅgā in many forms and colors. Polluted, brown and gently flowing to green and expansive to blue, joyful and pristine. We bathed in Her waters and worshipped and revered Her as the source of everything. 

I offer this poem as a tribute to my time with Gaṅgā and my teacher who made it possible. 

Gaṅgā’s voice is calling me closer and closer.
Come to me my beloved.
Let me show you how to flow.
Watch my effervescence and joy knowing I am you. 
Immerse yourself in Me. 
Dissolve into Me. 
Trust my powerful rapids and my deep stillness.
Surrender to Me. 

Guru’s voice encouraging me. 
“Let’s go to Gomukh,” she says with wide eyes and a glorious grin. 
Let’s trek where the sadhus have gone before us. 
Gaṅgā is calling us back to Her source.
Let’s climb straight to Heaven.

Bring it on!
Each step filled with joy and gratitude
Around each corner a new wonder to behold
Ganga’s hum a constant companion
Śiva standing in loving awareness 
Birch trees and flowers welcoming us to higher elevations
Boulders challenging us to stay present
Embracing each moment, breath, waterfall, cloud, star and snowflake with amazement. 
Am I really here?  

There She is. 
Sitting next to Her bubbling exuberance.
Bringing Her precious icy water to my face.
She nourishes me as I drink Her water through all my senses.
The sound of Your voice is forever in my head and heart.
The taste of your immaculate water is forever on my tongue.
The sight of your delightful flow I now see in every moment of my life.
The smell of the crisp, cold air surrounds me like a whiff of Your perfume.
Your touch that blesses this body penetrates into my cells. 

Thank you for calling me.
Thank you for your grace in allowing me to come.
Thank you for the bruises and blisters that remind me I was with You.
Thank you for showing me You are me and I am You.