Musings from a Magical PNW Summer

May your mind be as clear as the still morning lake mirroring the reflection above perfectly.

May you experience the full depth of this human life.

May you enjoy the endless possibilities that the vast sky can hold.

May you be grounded like the old growth trees who have stood steady and tall for as long as our ancestors walked the earth. 

May you sing the unique melody that only you can sing. 

May you be nourished with an abundance of ways that feed your body, mind and heart. 

May you savor the fragrance and taste of each moment to anchor you into the here and now. 

May you be focused like the spotted owl hunting to feed her babies.

May you enjoy lounging in the sun like the pikas.

May you grow your roots deep like the Douglas Fir.

May you reach for the sun like the fireweed.

May be able to turn inward like the snail and explode outward like the starfish. 

May you be free like the turkey vulture riding the thermals higher and higher into unimaginable heights.