Pause and Presence: A Yoga Therapy Retreat for Nervous System Support

Do you feel at the mercy of your emotions and thoughts?

Are you looking for ways to ground and feel stable when life feels chaotic?

Do you want to understand how your nervous system supports you and how you can support it?

Join this on-line retreat where you will learn to understand, honor and work with the nervous system in order to meet yourself and life with steadiness, support and groundedness.

In this retreat you will:

  1. Explore and get to know your unique and magnificent nervous system.
  2. Understand how you get stuck in different states of stress and trauma.
  3. Use yoga and body-based tools to add to your toolbox.
  4. Learn mindfulness and meditation tools to support settling and soothing the nervous system.
  5. Experience gratitude and wonder at the incredible ability of the nervous system to keep us alive.
  6. Take away tools you can immediately apply to your life. 
  7. Slow down and practice intentionally paying attention to your inner landscape.


Saturday, May 20, 2023


10-12: Morning Session

1-4: Afternoon Session

6-8: Evening Session



Please note each registration is for one person. If you would like to take this retreat with a friend or family member please sign up for both people.


There are no refunds. Thank you for understanding.  

Make an Offering” spots available.
These slots are available for those who need financial support to practice while still having the opportunity to make an offering. Contact Laura at to access one of these spots.