“You suggested that I take special note of how I might feel over the couple of days after the session, and I just wanted to report back to you a few of my observations. First, I slept better Friday night that I have in months. I did not wake up in the middle of the night with lower back discomfort! Second, I have felt an internal calmness that I do not normally associate with the end of a quarter. I do not believe these physical and mental improvements have merely to do with the external aspects of the Yin techniques employed, although I am certain these were indeed effective. Of equal importance was your gentle, courteous, and healing spirit that accompanied your instructions and techniques.”


“These days I am living with my body in a way that is so different than I’ve ever experienced. I really feel in partnership with my body and not against it anymore. Me and my body are a team! And it’s because of this journey to learn to be with my body that I’m able to take such a big leap. My love of my body and being able to truly be with it and take care of it has created such a beautiful space for me to share this love with other fat folks from a place of love and healing and not a space of trauma. You helped me learn so much about taking care of my body and loving my body and it inherently changed the way I feel and the way I move through the world. (Side note: I also don’t have constant hip and lower back pain anymore!).”