4 Pillars of Seed Yoga Therapy: Self-Study

Are you looking for a holistic approach to healing?

Do you feel stuck in particular ways of thinking and being?

Do you want to learn ways to free yourself from suffering?

In this experiential exploration of the 4 pillars of Seed Yoga Therapy you will learn tools you can apply immediately to your life to foster resilience, healing and the ability to meet life with grace, gratitude and ease.

The 4 Pillars of Yoga Therapy:

  1. Honoring the nervous system
  2. Cultivating discipline
  3. Anchoring into the body and breath
  4. Practicing mindfulness and meditation

In this workshop you will:

  1. Experience the power of your nervous system.
  2. Learn the importance of discipline in healing and processing trauma.
  3. Practice tuning into the body and breath as tools for grounding.
  4. Cultivate steadiness and clarity of mind through meditation.

Preparing for the workshop:

  1. Please set aside this time where you can be fully present. Turn off all other tabs on your computer. Put your phone on silent. Give yourself the gift of being focused and attentive to one thing, which in itself is a big practice!
  2. Wear clothes you are comfortable in.
  3. We will be doing some practices where you can either choose to sit, move or lie down. Feel free to have a yoga mat, but it also isn’t necessary. Just have some space and any support you need to sit or lie with as much ease as possible.
  4. Bring a journal. If you enjoy art you can also bring crayons, markers or other things you enjoy using for expression.




“Laura, was incredibly articulate and informative and the workshop had such a beautiful flow from start to finish. There was ample time for questions and and feedback, and Laura is a great facilitator.”
-Harsha V.

“I appreciated Laura’s calm, deliberate, and clear explanation of principles.”

“I loved how you discussed the role of the nervous system. I want to integrate movement into my work because, as you said, treating the mind with the mind can sometimes be at odds. The way the information was provided was easy to understand and digestible!”

“The reminder of the wisdom of the body, and the discussion around how discipline can be introduced in therapeutic work was a stabilizer for me!”
-Austin Cresap

“Your teaching style was warm, curious, and grounded in theory. I would be grateful to learn from you again! As a therapist-in-training, your workshop was a wonderful reminder of how ancient practices of yoga align with modern research on body-based approaches to wellness.”

“This class was pivotal in continuing my understanding of we can manage our complex, yet very approachable nervous system. Practicing meditation in a group setting, although virtual during this session, was empowering. Thank you, Laura!”


There are no refunds.