TransLiterate for Healing Practitioners

with Dylan Wilder Quinn

Saturday, September 28 from 1-5

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Many of us want to demonstrate love and inclusivity towards trans and nonbinary people, but don’t understand how to do so. How do we take care of trans people in their health, spirituality, and wellness? How do we prioritize thinking well of them when providing care? How do we skillfully and respectfully work with trans bodies and trans trauma?

This workshop uses relationship building, self-inquiry and reflection, and interactive activities to build embodied compassion, learn language and best practices to work towards a world inclusive of trans and genderqueer people, with a focus for healing practitioners such as yoga teachers, body workers, and therapists.

We will learn the latest definitions relating to gender (as well as why those definitions keep changing), and how to create an inclusive experience for all genders from pronouns to micro-aggressions (and what that means, anyways). Depending on time and what is most relevant for people in the room, we will go into systemic oppression of trans people, understanding trans-specific trauma, becoming aware of implicit bias, holding trans stories and trans pain, apologizing and acknowledging pain, and more.

Expect groundedness, mindfulness, embodiment, storytelling, laughter, and heart connection to hold the space together, as we learn how to build authentic relationship and allyship with trans and non-binary people.



Accessible: $100 – please use this if a higher cost is inaccessible to you. I deeply believe that money should not be prohibitive to being able to be in social justice work, while also trying to honor my own cost of doing this work. Get in touch with me if you need more accommodation.

True Cost: $130 – this helps cover the cost of workshop preparation and also allows me to take longer breaks in between workshops to fully recover from the emotional and physical cost of doing anti-oppression work.

Supportive: $160 – this funds accessible tickets, as well as the many hours each week of free community support I offer to further social justice and trauma healing in our culture.


About Dylan:
Pronouns: they/them are favorites, he/she are also fine (a bit about that)

Dylan Wilder Quinn has been facilitating and educating groups for 16 years. They look to connect deeply with everyone who wants to create a world based in justice and connection that we know is possible. Their combination of life experiences, including healing from long term childhood abuse, and holding both oppressed (trans, disabled, poor, socialized female) and oppressor (white, masculine) identities, informs their liberation work with people across many different identities, focusing first on trauma healing, surviving, and thriving. They believe that connection and closeness are necessary to see oppression crumble. Growing up in a hyper-racist, hyper-homophobic area, they believe in meeting people where they are at in their journeys to connect more skillfully with people that have different experiences than them. They encourage people with similar identities to connect with each other through support rather than shame and blame to keep each other committed to social justice. Read more, including my lineage of teachers and colleagues, at They are also a part of a larger team called Holistic Resistance – see more at

Dylan’s Approach: Relationship building comes first. In order to have honest dialogue around these vital issues and to regain our humanity and build resilience while doing so, the group will build from a place first of learning to trust each other, finding points of connection, shared values, and joy. Then we will dig deeper into shifting culture by asking and answering questions with more honesty and getting more clarity together, and noticing our bodies’ reactions as we try to relate to each other across difficult but healing work. I don’t believe that I have the “right answer” for all things to do with trans people, but instead encourage people to shift their own thinking to be more skillful of caring for trans people. Dylan doesn’t lead “one-off” workshops even if it may seem that way in the moment – they want to be in relationship with you for the long haul. Everything we do in a daylong workshop is part of a larger movement to shift culture and feel our shared humanity together. So find me on Facebook, send me messages, and stay in touch. Let’s get started! Have questions? Email me at
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