Session Examples

Here are some examples of what a yoga therapy session might look like. 

TJ is a 25 year old white transwoman who experienced childhood trauma and has been diagnosed with PTSD. She is currently working with another mental health therapist who thinks a body-based approach would be beneficial. Our sessions start with a meditation to calm the nervous system. We work on poses that help provide a sense of safety as well as poses that cultivate strength and where she has control.

GR is a 30-year old Black woman working with depression and feelings of unworthiness. Our sessions include finding yoga poses that help her feel strong and present in her body. We do guided body scans to help her get to know not only the thoughts she is experiencing, but also the sensations in her body. In particular we look for neutral and pleasant sensations in the body. We also attend to the trauma of racism and how that affects her body and mind through acknowledging messaging she hears as well as counteracting those messages with what she loves about being Black. To help her cultivate compassion towards herself we practice lovingkindness meditation.

PD is a 60-year old white man challenged by chronic pain. Our sessions include mindfulness meditation to help him practice being present with his body’s sensations,  the thoughts connected to those sensations as well as his breath. We focus on yoga poses that calm the nervous system and support him finding a pain free range of motion.